Earn Your Post-Master’s FNP Certificate Online

Post-Master’s FNP Certificate Online Program

Already have a Master’s in Nursing but want to switch to a role with more patient care? SMU’s Post-Master’s Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Certificate can help you get there.

Our 37-unit, CCNE-accredited online program provides a clinically-focused approach to prepare you to meet challenges of family primary care.

Apply today and take advantage of our tuition freeze beginning Fall 2018 and lock in your rate for 24 months.

Program Overview

Designed specifically for RNs who hold an MSN degree, our FNP Post-Master’s certificate program prepares you to advance your clinical practice skills in a flexible, always-on online environment.

Our online Post-Master’s FNP certificate program can be completed in as little as five semesters.

FNP Certificate Course Sequence (37 credits)

Semester I (3 credits)
N672 Professional Role Development for APRNs 1
N670 Family Centered Advanced Practice Nursing 2
Semester II (9 credits)
N671 Advanced Health Assessment 2
N671L Advanced Physical Assessment Lab 1
N619 Advanced Pathophysiology 3
N674 Health Protection, Promotion & Screening 3
Semester III (5 credits)
N677 Advanced Pharmacology 3
N678L Clinical Practicum (90 hours) 2
Semester IV (11 credits)
N673 Professional Advocacy for Entry to Adv Pract Role 1
N675 Care of Acute & Episodic Conditions 3
N675L Care of Acute & Episodic Conditions Lab 1
N679L Clinical Practicum (270 hours) 6
Semester V (9 credits)
N676 Care of Chronic & Complex Conditions 3
N680L Internship (270 hours) 6

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