MSN FNP Course Sequence

Master of Science in Nursing Family Nurse Practitioner Course Curriculum

The Master of Science in Nursing Family Nurse Practitioner (MSN FNP) program aims to produce graduates who provide family-oriented, evidence-based primary healthcare to a high standard within multicultural contexts.

Our graduates can:

  • Consult and make referrals within interdisciplinary practices.
  • Develop thorough, accurate medical histories with their patients through examinations, performance and/or interpretation of diagnostic tests, and recording of data.
  • Establish and implement care plans based on patient needs and monitor ongoing effectiveness.
  • Promote healthy living habits and provide advice about preventive care.
  • Produce graduate-level research of superior quality that can withstand peer review.
  • Act as a professional leader and patient advocate at the local, regional, national, or global level.

Semester I
N601 Research Methods 3
N626 Theoretical Foundations for APRNs 3
N672 Professional Role Development for APRNs 1
N670 Family Centered Advanced Practice Nsng 2
Total units 9.0
Semester II
N671 Advanced Health Assessment 2
N671L Advanced Physical Assessment Lab 1
N619 Advanced Pathophysiology 3
N674 Health Protection, Promotion & Screening 3
Total units 9.0
Semester III
N602 Analysis of Health Policy Issues 3
N677 Advanced Pharmacology 3
N678L Clinical Practicum (90 hours) 2
Total units 8.0
Semester IV
N673 Professional Advocacy for Entry to Adv Pract Role 1
N675 Care of Acute & Episodic Conditions 3
N675L Care of Acute & Episodic Conditions Lab 1
N679L Clinical Practicum (270 hours) 6
Total units 11.0
Semester V
N606 Synthesis Project 3
N676 Care of Chronic & Complex Conditions 3
N680L Internship (270 hrs) 6
Total units 12.0
Total Program Units 49 Units