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Reasons to Earn an MSN FNP at SMU

There are major milestones over the course of a nurse’s career and one of the most significant is earning a Master of Science in Nursing. The simple reason for earning an MSN is that it benefits you as a nurse by opening up the possibilities of more opportunities, better pay and better patient care. So, the question then really becomes, “Why earn an MSN FNP at Samuel Merritt University?”

1. Flexibility

Our online MSN FNP program allows you to study around your schedule. Take advantage of the ability to continue working and spending time with your family and friends while you earn your MSN FNP. Alejandra Villegas, Graduate MSN FNP, chose Samuel Merritt University for this very reason: “Online was what did it for me. It gave me the chance to study on my time.”

2. Personalized Approach

Enjoy small class sizes and receive personalized attention from faculty committed to your success. You will get to know your classmates and your professors, which creates a supportive learning environment. Associate Professor at Samuel Merritt University, Valerie Dzubur believes that “It is really important for the teachers in an online environment to make an extra effort to connect with the students right from day one to let them know that you’re there for them. That you’re committed to their success.” As our graduates, such as Paloma Camacho, Graduate MSN FNP, can attest, “Our professors would be there to support us and to be there to help throughout the program.” Dieu Nguyen, Graduate MSN FNP, echoes the sentiment saying, “I felt like I always had someone to call and someone was always checking up on me. There was always support.”

3. Clinical Focus

Knowledge with context is the key to making you a better nurse. At Samuel Merritt University you will gain knowledge and come away with valuable practical applications to help and improve the lives of your patients. The program, said Grace McGuinness, Graduate MSN FNP, “built on the knowledge that I already have as a nurse for 10 years and it also gave me the opportunities to go into different clinicals.”

4. Diverse Students

Our students bring a wide range of professional and cultural experiences to enhance your learning experience. Discover unique perspectives and find common unity from your fellow students that will strengthen you as a nurse and as a person, so you can make an even greater impact upon the community that you serve.

5. Gain The Competitive Edge

At Samuel Merritt University we are setting the stage for the next generation of nursing leaders. Our MSN FNP program prepares you for leadership and management opportunities. Be the nurse that everyone wants and stand apart from the crowd when applying for jobs. Melissa Sherman, Graduate MSN FNP, praised our program saying: “Samuel Merritt has helped me and given me the best preparation.” Likewise, Grace McGuinness, Graduate MSN FNP, said “This program has helped me prepare for my next step in my career.”

Take the Next Step With Us

Contact us today and earn your MSN FNP online. Choose Samuel Merritt University because we offer you immeasurable value that will benefit you over the course of your nursing career.