Let Samuel Merritt University give you a great start! When you become a Family Nurse Practitioner, you’ll need to make evidence-based decisions. So, go with the evidence right from our faculty and graduates and see how choosing Samuel Merritt University’s online MSN FNP, with clinical training in your community and two required on-campus intensives at the Sacramento campus, opens possibilities and prepares nurses for what’s next in their careers.

1. Flexibility

SMU offers two convenient paths to complete your MSN FNP. You can choose to attend full-time and complete your degree in as little as 20 months. Or choose our part-time option and finish in as little as 24 months.

Alejandra Villegas, MSN FNP Graduate, chose Samuel Merritt University for this very reason: “Online was what did it for me. It gave me the chance to study on my time. Less than two years after it I am here graduating, and my family is going to have a better life.”

2. Personalized Attention and Learning

Every nurse takes a different path to our degree program and every nurse has different needs. Our small class sizes and personalized attention from faculty provides you with optimal learning, taking into consideration your individual strengths and weaknesses to provide you with the support you need to excel. The friendly and supportive environment at Samuel Merritt lets you get to know your classmates and your professors, which makes learning easier.

Associate Professor at Samuel Merritt University, Valerie Dzubur believes that “Every student who starts in the program starts with a different set of gifts, a different set of experiences, and different requirements in their own personal lives, so they require individualized thinking. It is really important for the teachers in an online environment to make an extra effort to connect with the students right from day one to let them know that you’re there for them. That you’re committed to their success.”

Paloma Camacho, MSN FNP Graduate attests, “Our professors would be there to support us and to be there to help throughout the program.”

3. Clinical Focus at Samuel Merritt University

Knowledge with context is the key to making you a better nurse. At Samuel Merritt University, clinical coordinators collaborate with you to help facilitate meaningful clinical placements to give you practical experience as an NP. During your clinical residency, you’ll put your new knowledge and skills into practice and come away with valuable applications to help and improve the lives of your patients. On occasion, these placements can even lead to exciting job opportunities once you’ve graduated.

The program, said Grace McGuinness, Graduate MSN FNP, “built on the knowledge that I already have as a nurse for 10 years and it also gave me the opportunities to go into different clinicals.”

4. Preparation for a Competitive Edge

At Samuel Merritt University we are setting the stage for the next generation of nursing leaders. Earning your MSN FNP can open so many doors. In just under two years, you can transform your nursing career. You’ll build the competencies you need to gain more autonomy, take on more responsibility, and play a key role in helping patients and their families build healthier lives.

Melissa Sherman, MSN FNP Graduate, praised our program saying: “Samuel Merritt has helped me put my best foot forward and given me the best preparation. It takes what you’ve already learned in previous programs and kicks it up a notch…Instead of being the person who is doing what you’re told to do, you now have the bigger responsibility of putting all the pieces together. You have a patient sitting in front of you…and you’re like a detective.”

5. Diverse Students

Our students bring a wide range of professional and cultural experiences to enhance your learning experience. Discover unique perspectives and find unity from your fellow students that will strengthen you as a nurse and as a person, so you can make an even greater impact upon the community that you serve.

Your Future Starts Now at Samuel Merritt University

Take control of your future with the university that wants you to have the skills, support, and study options you need to join the new generation of primary care practitioners: choose Samuel Merritt University. Contact us today and earn your MSN FNP.